Please note: all runners will be required to collect their number on the day. The collection desks (on the Abbey Green) will be open from 8.30am and split depending on your number. You can check your race number below.
We will have a small supply of safety pins at the check in desk but we recommend if you have your own you bring these to save any disappointment.

The route is the same as in previous years. Starting at 10am in Battle High Street, heading up to the roundabout, turning around and going down the High Street, along Lower Lake and turning into Powdermill Lane. From here the race heads towards Catsfield before turning back towards Battle along Catsfield Road. From here you turn back towards battle and head along North Trade Road and finish on the Abbey Green with the historic Battle Abbey as the backdrop

Your race number must be attached with safety pins to the front of your running vest.
As this is a road race, we would advise you to wear the most high visibility attire possible. Although your own safety is your responsibility, we want to do everything possible to ensure your safety. Please help yourself and us to make this possible. Please ensure that any medical and/or other information is written in biro on the back of your race number together with an emergency contact telephone number for the day of the run.
Please ensure that your race number is displayed prominently and across your chest or stomach. For your own safety, we would advise against the use of MP3 players etc., whilst running as half of the course is with “open traffic.”
When running outside of the roads not covered by the Road Closure, (Catsfield Road, North
Trade Road and Battle High Street on final leg), please ensure that you run on the right hand side of the road, or the pavement on that side of the road. Again this is for your own safety and Marshalls will be present to “remind” you of this.
When finishing, please keep moving across the finish line, wait for your number and times to be recorded, collect your Memento and exit the Finishing Area to allow the remaining runners to finish safely. Please do not re-enter the Finish Area after exiting.

Location and Start
The Run will start outside Simply Italian in the High Street with all runners congregating on the Abbey side of the start line. Please be in your estimated time zone positions by 9.55am at the latest as the Run will be starting at precisely 10.00am. When running up Battle High Street after leaving the start line, please keep on the left hand side of the road as far as the round-a-bout, and on then on the
other side of the road after going around the round-a-bout – this is in order to avoid running in to any other runners running in the opposite direction. Once you have run back over the start line, you can then use the full width of the remainder of Battle High Street as this section of the route, along with Upper Lake, Lower Lake and Powdermill Lane is all covered by a Road Closure.

There is Parking at Battle Station which is 5 minutes walk away plus there is also parking at Mount Street car park and Jempsons car park. These car parks all charge, even on a Sunday.

There will be limited temporary toilets sited on the Abbey Green next to the Finish Line. There are also free public toilets at Mount Street car park and Jempsons car park.
Please use public toilets and refrain from using nearby trees and bushes etc !!!!

Changing and leaving immediate clothing
We will have an area designated for ‘On the Day Registration’ and ‘Event Control’. If required, you will be able to leave any clothing in the ‘Event Control’ area, which will be left at your risk. Should you have any queries, please contact one of the organisers in the Event Control area and not those in the ‘On the Day Registration’ area as they will be busy processing any late entries.

Prize Giving
Awards will be made on The Abbey Green at approximately 11.15am. The Mayor of
Battle will be presenting the various trophies.

The Route
The event which is a measured 10 kilometre Run, starts at 10.00am in Battle High Street outside Simply Italian with the runners then running up the High Street, around the round-a-bout by the Police Station and then back down the High Street before continuing on down to Lower Lake where they will turn right in to Powdermill Lane. At the end of Powdermill Lane (at Horns Corner), they will turn right into Catsfield Road (B2204) until they come to North Trade Road (A271) at which point they turn right, towards Battle. They will then run along North Trade Road, across the round-a-bout (the latter against the flow of traffic) and then down through the High Street, past the Abbey Green before turning right into Abbey Green Road where the Finish Line will be.
A Road Closure will be in force from 9.50am until 10.10am in Battle High Street and a Rolling
Road Closure will be in operation for Upper Lake, Lower Lake and Powdermill Lane up until approximately If you end up running towards the end of the runners, please be aware that traffic may be present on areas of the rolling road closure areas.

Drinks Stations
There will be two drinks stations along the route of the course plus an additional drinks station at the Finish Line. The first two Drinks Stations will be sited near the former timber/fencing yard at the western end of Powdermill Lane and the second, just past The Squirrel Inn in North Trade Road.

Km Markers
There will be Km markers at every kilometre, up to 9Km

A digital clock will be on display mounted at the Finish Line

Medical Provision
Phoenix Medical are supplying the medical cover for the Event, both during and after the run. They will be sited at all drinks stations and in communication with Marshals. It is strongly recommended that any advice given by medical personnel be acted upon. There will be back up vehicles in the area to help if required.

Finishing times, Results Awards and Prize Information
Finishing times of all runners who complete the course will be posted on the bbb10k website in the days following the event.

The Start

First time running at this event, had a great time, thanks to all involved.